Simms Family Buffet Banquet
When: Friday 7/20/2018 at 6PM - 12AM
Where: Dunes & Frontier Room at Springhill Suites Hotel
2989 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV
United States

Contact: Marjorie
773-762-1719 or 773-209-1966
The Buffet will be set up so that Dinner will begin at 7PM sharp. Please try to be in our banquet room between 6pm and 7pm so that the service can begin on time.  Thanks for your cooperation.

After everyone has dined sufficiently, we will have a brief meeting to determine where the next reunion will be held in 2020 and then we can boogie the rest of the evening.  
Simms Family Picnic
When: Saturday 7/21/2018 at 11:00 am to 3:30 pm
Where: Henderson Convention Center
200 S. Water St.
Henderson, NV
United States

Contact: Marjorie
773-762-1719 or 773-209-1966

The caterer for our picnic is John Mulls Meats and Mike Brooks and I went to their facility to sample the food which was wonderful. A menu has been determined which meets our affordability and will be pleasing to all.

I have signed a bus contract and paid for the  availability of a Motor Coach bus with a capacity of 56 seats.  Since our commitments exceeds 56 by an additional 29 persons, some of our members with cars will be transporting the additional number of people. 

Carol Branker will be our bus monitor and she will be collecting from all bus passengers one or two dollars to tip our Driver.  Please be prepared to give this to her when you arrive at the Picnic location.  This will be given to the driver when we arrive back at the hotel.

The Motor Coach will arrive at the Hotel at 10:50am for boarding to begin at 11:00am.  Please be on time so that we can arrive at the Henderson Convention Center by 11:45am.

After lunch, we will take a group picture before boarding the bus at 3:30pm to return to the Hotel.  Any delays with the bus departure will cost us an additional $179 per hour and I don't have the money to pay that so we will board on time.