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Mountaintop Faith Ministries - Church Visit
2845 S. Lindell Rd.
Las Vegas, NV
United States
It  has been  the custom of this family to attend a church on the Sunday our reunion ends for those family members whose flights are in the late afternoon or evening etc.

We normally take a collection from all families and make a donation to the church in the name of The Simms Family Reunion.

I will make the collection during our picnic on Saturday.

This church, Mountaintop Faith Ministries, is Non-denominatonal with a Pentecostal background and was the church I attended during my 8 year Winter Sojourn in Las Vegas. A wonderful Pastor and inspirational gospel music. 

Service begins at 10:45am with Praise and Worship. I would like for all who will be attending to arrive at 10:30am so that we can be seated together as the Simms family.

Some of us will have our own transportation. I am contacting the church to see if they have a Van to pick up our members at the Hotel. I will have an answer by Thursday when you come to the Hospitality Suite. 

I am trying to find out how many will be going to church without transportation so that I have a number to work with.  If you are visiting the website, please let me know what your needs are.