The Patriarch, Amos Simms was born in 1842 and died in 1909. His mother was Elizabeth Vickers born in 1820. He married Septimia Wright in 1869. She was born in November 1841 and died in 1925 in Chicago, IL.
Amos & Septimia Simms had (3) three sons and (1) one daughter:
Adeline Simms - Born in 1865 in Maryland  
George Franklin Simms - March 1869 to November 6, 1942.
Married to Sophie Stevens - (5) five children were born to this union.
 Arthur Joseph    1892
 George F. Jr.      1896-1987
 Lillian                1900
 Theophlis          1909
 Viola                  1911

Daniel Hemmings Simms - February 10, 1872 to December 24, 1955
Married to Margaret Colter - (7) seven children were born to this union.
Eunice Venora    1897-1989
Hazel                 1899-1946
Marguerite         1901-1980
Pearl Monice      1903-1977
Daniel H. Jr.       1905-1956
Julia                   1908-1991
Lawrence A.       1912-1951
Amos Hoffman Simms - November 4, 1873 to June 13, 1949
Married to Idonia Radford - (6) six children were born to this union
Earl         1896
Irma        1899
Idonia     1901
Ira           1904
Nellie      1907
            Alice E.    1913            

Following is the 1880 Census Records:
View Record Name Parent or spouse names   Home in   
 1880 (City,    County,        State)
  Birth    Date                  Birthplace  Relation
 to Head
 of House
View Record Amoz Simms Stephannie
 Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt
 Louisiana  Self (Head)  
View Record Stephannie Simms Amoz  Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt 1841  Louisiana  Wife  
View Record Adeline Simms Amoz,
 Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt 1865  Maryland  Daughter  
View Record George Simms Amoz,
 Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt 1869  Louisiana  Son  
View Record Daniel Simms Amoz,
 Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt 1871  Louisiana  Son  
View Record Amoz Simms Amoz,
 Houma,   Terrebonne,   Louisiana Abt 1874  Louisiana  Son  
**The 1910 Census Record listed Amos Simms wife as Septimia. I am not sure if her name was Septimia or Stephannie. I could not find any other records with her name listed except 1880 and 1910. Also, there were not any other records of the daughter except in 1880.  She was the oldest child.

Amos Simms Sr. & Septimia Simms and their sons
Amos Simms Sr. & Septimia Simms and their sons
George F. Simms
George F. Simms
Daniel H. Simms
Daniel H. Simms
Amos H. Simms
Amos H. Simms